• 100% Grass-Fed & Grass Finished

    Born & Raised in the USA

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Our USDA Certified Organic, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef comes from cattle raised by U.S family ranchers on pastures and hillsides throughout the West and Midwest.

Whole30 Approved

Above meeting the stringent standards of the USDA Organic Certification Program, our ranchers also have the very highest standards of sustainable ranching and humane animal handling practices. Good grass-fed cattle literally start from the ground up. It takes healthy soil and land management practices to produce 100% grass-fed and finished cattle year round and without depleting resources.

Many of our ranchers also have a strong working relationship with Global Animal Partnership (GAP), a non-profit animal welfare program. Through the GAP program, they are audited and evaluated every 18 months to GAP’s 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating Program. All of our ranchers that participate in the GAP program are at least a Step 4 – Pasture Centered.

You can rest assured that when you are enjoying one of our delicious, grass-fed steaks, you are not only eating meat that is healthier for you and your family, but you may also rest easy knowing that you are supporting U.S. ranchers that work tirelessly to raise their cattle the right way. A way that is healthier for the environment, healthier for the cattle and healthier for you.