Panorama Rancher Receives Top NCBA Annual Environmental Stewardship Award

Vina, Calif., February 11, 2008 — The Yolo Land & Cattle Company, a California ranch that raises Angus grassfed beef for Panorama Meats, Inc., was awarded the 2008 Environmental Stewardship Award by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) at its annual convention in Reno on Saturday, Feb. 9.

The prestigious award program—sponsored by the National Cattlemen’s Foundation, NCBA, Dow AgroSciences, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service—recognizes stewardship practices and conservation achievements of U.S. cattle producers. National award winners are honored for their commitment to protecting the environment and improving fish and wildlife habitat while operating profitable cattle operations. The NCBA’s press release about the award can be found at

The Hank Stone family has raised one of the nation’s top herds of Angus cattle on its 7,500-acre Yolo Land & Cattle Co. ranch, located in Yolo County near Sacramento, California, for more than 30 years. They started raising grass-fed cattle for Panorama shortly after Panorama’s formation in 2003.

The Stones are dedicated to preserving and improving the natural beauty of the ranch ecosystem. They employ rotational grazing and controlled burning of weeds and brush, in accordance with current best practices for rangeland management.

Numerous projects are underway at Yolo ranch to restore riparian watersheds, optimize grazing patterns and increase wildlife populations, with funding from such organizations as the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, Audubon California, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the State Wildlife Conservation Board, the University of California Cooperative Extension, the Yolo County Resource Conservation District and the USDA Agricultural Research Service. More information about Yolo Land & Cattle Co. can be found at

Other Panorama ranchers have been nationally recognized for environmental stewardship.  Last fall, Darrell Wood of Pete’s Creek Partnership, one of the founding ranches of Panorama Meats, Inc., received one of three 2006 National Wetlands Conservation Awards from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior.

About Panorama Meats, Inc.

Panorama Natural Grass-Fed Beef, based in Vina, Calif., is produced by a group of 43 family ranchers in California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada who raise Black and Red Angus cattle on natural grasses, legumes and range forage.  Panorama’s beef is also sold at Whole Foods stores in Northern California, Washington, Oregon and Colorado, and at 188 Trader Joe’s stores in the Western U.S.

By raising only Angus-breed cattle, following strict grass-feeding regimens and humane protocols, and processing the cattle at 14 to 18 months of age, the company is able to offer one of the most flavorful and tender grass-fed beefs in the country.

Panorama cattle are never implanted with hormones, fed animal by-products or treated with antibiotics.  All animals are raised in compliance with the Born and Raised in the USA® verification program.

Ranchers who raise Panorama cattle treat their animals humanely in low-stress environments and employ pasture-rotation and land-management practices that promote animal health and protect delicate rangeland ecosystems.  Their ranching and animal-handling practices are verified through regular third-party audits by Western Ranchers Beef Cooperative, an association that promotes sustainable ranching practices.