Panorama Meats Introduces Super-Local Organic Grass-Fed Beef to Whole Foods Market Stores in Marin, Napa and Sonoma Counties

Vina, California, August 4, 2010 —

Panorama Meats, the nation’s largest producer of USDA Certified Organic and 100 percent grass-fed and finished beef, has developed a unique program that brings beef raised on its Marin County, Napa County and Sonoma County ranches directly to Whole Foods stores in those three counties.
Whole Foods Market’s new Blithedale store in Marin County, which opened on June 5, became the first store in the region to carry the super-local beef, which is raised at Lunny Ranch in Inverness and Diamond W Ranch in Petaluma and is also processed locally in Merced. The beef is being rolled out to the remaining Whole Foods stores in Marin County, Napa County and Sonoma County during the next few months.
“This is the first of many programs from Panorama that connect local ranchers with the stores in their backyards,” said Mack Graves, CEO of Panorama Meats. “Our goal is to offer a truly local, completely grass-fed organic beef to as many consumers as possible.” Panorama, he added, is working to develop similar programs involving its family ranchers in other parts of the country.
Panorama cattle are raised entirely on pastures of natural grasses, legumes and range forage. Cattle are never implanted with hormones, fed animal by-products or treated with antibiotics.  All animals are raised in compliance with the Born and Raised in the USA® verification program.
Panorama’s ranchers treat their animals humanely in low-stress environments and employ pasture-rotation and land-management practices that promote animal health and protect delicate rangeland ecosystems. More information about Panorama is available at

About Panorama Meats
Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Beef is produced by a group of family ranchers in Northern California, Southern Washington, Southern Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska and Colorado who raise cattle on natural grasses, legumes and range forage. It is sold through Whole Foods stores in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Nevada, Kansas, New Mexico and Colorado and through other independent retail grocers.