How are Panorama’s organic grass-fed animals raised?
Our animals are treated humanely, raised in low-stress environments and never subjected to hormone-induced growth or fed or administered antibiotics for any reason. Panorama’s cattle are never fed animal by-products or grain-based feeds and graze on certified organic pastures that have been free of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides for a minimum of three years.

Where are Panorama’s organic grass-fed animals raised?
All of Panorama’s cattle are verified to be Born and Raised in the United States. They are nurtured by family ranchers in California, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, New Mexico, and Colorado on certified organic ranches.

What breed are Panorama’s organic grass-fed animals?
All the Panorama grass-fed cattle are English breeds.

What do Panorama’s organic grass-fed animals eat?
Panorama’s organic cattle thrive on an organic 100% grass-fed diet.

Who certifies Panorama’s organic grass-fed program?
Accredited certifier California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) verifies that Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Meats maintains compliance with the USDA National Organic Program at all times.

What are the health benefits of eating Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Beef?

Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Beef is higher than grain fed beef in:

  • CLA and Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA)*
  • Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA)*
  • B-carotene, a precursor to Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E

Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Beef is lower than grain beef in:

  • Saturated Fatty Acids (SFA)*

Why is Panorama’s organic grass-fed beef leaner than grain fed beef?
Grass-fed cattle are raised on a grass diet – as nature intended it to be. Without grain in their diet, grass-fed cattle naturally develop lass intramuscular fat and more lean muscle mass. This results in a product that will have less marbling than grain fed beef.

Should grass-fed beef be cooked differently than grain-fed beef?
Because our grass-fed beef is naturally lower in fat, it cooks 30 percent faster than grain-fed beef. This is particularly important if you prefer your steaks rare to medium-rare.

How can I get additional information about Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Beef?
For more information, please contact:

Customer Service

*ARI Research Project No. 59054, College of Agriculture, California State University, Chico, Dr. Cynthia A. Daley – Project Director