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Raw ground beef patty with onion, tomato, and lettuce on side on wooden cutting board

Ground Beef

Our organic grass-fed beef is perfect for a variety of recipes. Available as 80/20, 85/15, 93/7 or as our delicious Chef Blend, a combination of chuck, short rib, and brisket.

ribeye steak


A favorite cut prized for its tenderness and marbling. These steaks are ideal for cooking on a grill or pan searing.

ny strip steak

NY Strip

Cut from the loin, NY strips are the go-to steak for those who appreciate a rich beefy flavor.

stew meat

Stew Meat

This versatile cut needs a bit of tenderizing, which is why it works great in stews or chili. It also takes well to marinades.

stir fry strips

Stir Fry Strips

These slender strips are ideal for cooking hot and fast. Think fajitas or stir fry.

tenderloin filet

Tenderloin Filet

Possibly the most tender cut of beef, this flavorful cut shines when seasoned simply with a bit of salt and pepper.

Two slices of raw top sirloin steak with herbs, salt, and tomatoes on the side and jar of melted butter in the background

Top Sirloin

Also from the loin, this cut is incredibly lean and has a rich beefy flavor.

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